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Birthdate:May 11
Location:Virginia, United States of America

>> call me kannan.
>> i consider myself a forever artist in training.
>> lately my loves are watercolor, printmaking, papermaking, artists' books, and knitting.
>> all my entries become private after that month is over.
>> for that reason, you can't dig into my past via livejournal.
>> my journal is frozen-ish. i sometimes add back, not often though.

"A printmaker can carve or etch a design onto almost any surface -- from potatoes to silk -- flood it with ink, and imprint it onto another surface."

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a la poupée, arches printmaking paper, art, art history, artists, audiobooks, ballground, bibliophiles, bicycle rickshaws, bicycles built for two, blind embossing, book arts, bookbinding, bpal, chine-collé, collagraphs, copper, cupcakes, drypoint, emboss, engraving, etching, experimental printmaking, eyeliners in funky colors, ferric chloride, finishing things i start, gocco, handmade artist's books, handmade books, handmade paper, handwritten letters, hardground, intaglio, jagannath, knitting, learning new things, linocuts, lithography, loi bazaar, long naps on weekends, loving my little sister, manual typewriters, marbling paper, mezzotint, mislabeled love, monoprinting, monotypes, my husband, naps, npr, obsessions mislabeled as love, overflowing mailboxes, paper making, paste papers, perzines, photobooths, polyester (pronto) plate lithography, prabhupada, print gocco, printmaking, pulling my own paper, retail therapy, rives bfk, silk aquatint, sleeping in, softground, sweaters that hug you, talking to my mom, the torpedo factory, too many mac cosmetics, traditional etching, typewriters, vrindavan, warm gloves, woodblock printing, woodcut, woodcuts, zines
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